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Become a stronger, more confident you through Pa Kua

Classes for everyone,
no matter your skills

No one begins as an expert. We have classes for people interested in building strength and technical skills, as well as those who are simply looking for a relaxing escape.

Through these practices, you’ll be able to improve balance, coordination, stamina, discipline, self-confidence, and more.

Chinese Weapons

Chinese Archery and Edged Weapons

Martial Art and Fitness

Martial Art, Acrobatics, and Pa Kua Rhythm

Relaxation and Healing

Pa Kua Chi, Yoga and Tai Chi

Classes for Kids

Martial Art, Archery, Edged Weapons and Acrobatics

Pa Kua Martial Arts School is an excellent place, loads of fun, and training here has improved my self worth. Master Julio is a great teacher and is very accommodating to your individual needs. I highly recommend this place to everyone who has even the slightest interest.

Kaissa Shoushounova

Great classes taught by knowledgeable and friendly instructors. The main instructor, Julio, has an exceptionally impressive grasp of the diverse disciplines available at the school. Supportive, non-competitive, and responsive environment--i.e., if you mostly just want to have fun, you will, and if you want to really push yourself, you can do that too).

Elizabeth P. Hayden

PaKua is not only a fantastic way to learn more skills and discipline, it is also a fantastic community to be a part of.

Laura Swyers

I've started taking Acrobatics classes here and have absolutely loved my time so far! The school owner and main instructor, Julio, is kind and patient and really cares about his students. Classes are always different and challenging, and I've already learned so much in a few months' time. Highly recommended!

Hannah Elias

Great School and a wonderful community to be part of!

Romulo Mendonça

The best and most welcoming Martial Arts school I've been in.

Jessica Alexanderson

Fulfillment lies beyond your comfort zone.

Try a free week of classes to begin your journey.