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Pa-Kua is an ancient knowledge originating in China and its teaching is based on the mutation stages of nature, teaching us how to deal with life’s changes through art and healing and harmonization disciplines. Learn more about our classes and the benefits below.

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Martial Art

Focusing on self-defense, Martial Art is a complete combination of technique and physical strengthening, applied with control and security, allowing anyone to practice it.
Pa-Kua teaches the student a better understanding of himself and his surroundings-

Edged Weapons

Working with swords enhances precision, depth perception and coordination. Through this study we develop faster reflexes and courage to overcome our day-to-day battles, thus facing the world as leaders who can overcome difficulties with strength and determination.


Following years of research, development, preparation and practice, the Pa-Kua International League has begun offering classes in the art of Chinese Archery. This brought back an ancient art, by combining the Pa-Kua knowledge with the art of shooting arrows.


Acrobatics benefits the practitioner by overcoming his or her limits through exercise of body and mind. The therapeutic benefits happen by working on physical and mental control. In addition, working among friends on elaborate balance movements that require support and cooperation is a fun way to study.

Chinese Yoga

A path to self-knowledge through stretches, poses, breathing techniques and meditation, while developing muscle mass and burning calories. The stretching exercises increase the students’ flexibility, and help prevent injuries, while the meditations oxygenate the body and regulate the cardiovascular system.

Tai Chi

Students learn to live in sync with the Universe, as well as improve their inner strength and balance. The study incorporates slow and fluid movements, used as a way to relax and develop complete body control. With continued practice, the student will also learn self-defense techniques.

Pa Kua Rhythm

The Pa-Kua Rhythm classes are a combination of Martial Art and Music. Where the student will benefit from weight loss, stress relief, endurance, improved coordination and core strength, while adding a good rhythm to his or her life.


The regular practice of Energy includes a variety of techniques that improve the vitality of the body and the mind. The student will also acquire knowledge in the energy pathways, the theory of the Five Elements, the concept of Yin and Yang, and much more.

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What is Pa Kua

Pa Kua is first and foremost an ancient Chinese knowledge, however the exact source of this antique philosophy is buried in History and Mythology. Pa Kua is the root of many cultures and includes basic principles common to all facets of the Oriental way of thinking such as Yin Yang, Five Elements and the Eight Changes. These common principles gave birth to a study which is of great relevance today.

The modern study of Pa Kua has been divided into Disciplines and Courses, but in the end all is centered around the the same Pa Kua knowledge and contains a central common thread.

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