COVID-19 & Classes Info

School Reopening

We are working hard to make sure this return happens in the safest way possible. At the same time, for those that choose to stay at home, we will still keep our online classes. Before deciding to join us in person, please read our COVID-19 update below.


Our class schedule has changed to accommodate the in-person classes along with the online classes. Be sure to check the updated schedule!


Classes will be 45 minutes, to give us time to clean the facility between sessions and give time to rotate the group of students in the school.

Social Distancing

We will NOT have any physical contact during classes, which also means keeping a distance of 2 meters apart in class and wherever possible outside of the mat.


Bring your mask! The use of masks will be mandatory in the school

Wash Your Hands

Everyone must wash their hands when entering the school. Additionally, you will find plenty of supplies for you here, like hand sanitizer and disposable masks, in case you forget yours.


ALL equipment (including personal) must be cleaned after each use.


Your uniform must be brought home after each class.

Avoid Lingering

Please only come for your classes and avoid lingering in the school longer than needed.

Online Classes

How can I support the school?

  1. If you already have a membership with us, consider continuing your memberships rather than pausing it.
  2. Write us a review on Google or Facebook.
  3. Share our posts.

How to join the online classes?

  1. Setup Zoom on your computer, laptop, phone or tv. Don’t know how? Here is a simple tutorial:
  2. Check our schedule for the class you want to attend, which you can find here:
  3. Click this link at the start time of the class. This link will be the same used for all our online classes.
  4. Put on your uniform and get some open space, enough to move around.
  5. Invite your family to participate and enjoy!

What will happen to my membership?

Our school is open again for in-person classes, if you are on a risk group or don’t feel comfortable returning to the school we will still offer online classes. For the students that keep practicing 100% online we will still offer a 20% discount on top of the membership. Contact us if you wish to make use of this promotion.

How can I pay for my membership?

We won’t be accepting cash once the studio reopens, all memberships should be paid using a credit/debit card or direct debit on bank account. You can find the instructions to setup your payment here:

Fulfillment lies beyond your comfort zone. Try a free week of classes to begin your journey.