COVID-19 & Online Classes Info

How can I support the school?

  1. If you already have a membership with us, consider continuing your memberships rather than pausing it.
  2. Join the online classes and invite your family to participate.
  3. Write us a review on Google or Facebook.
  4. Share our posts.

How to join the online classes?

  1. Setup Zoom on your computer, laptop, phone or tv. Don’t know how? Here is a simple tutorial:
  2. Check our schedule for the class you want to attend, which you can find here:
  3. Click this link at the start time of the class. This link will be the same used for all our online classes.
  4. Put on your uniform and get some open space, enough to move around.
  5. Invite your family to participate and enjoy!

Can my family or friends participate?

Yes, during this period your membership can be extended to anyone living on the same house as you, at no extra cost. So you can practice with them and they can enjoy the Pa Kua classes too.

What will happen to my membership?

In regards to this interim transition, membership costs will be reduced by 20% for the digital rate until the physical studios reopen. If you have already paid your full membership contact us!

How can I pay for my membership?

You can make online payments here:
For NEW Students:
  1. Our memberships are discounted at 20% during this time and we are waiving the registration fee.
  2. Visit the link above and select the quantity of classes you with to take each week and proceed to checkout, once the purchase is confirmed you’re ready to join our classes.

For EXISTING Students:

  1. Select if you’re on the Monthly or Annual plan, and the frequency of classes included in your membership.
  2. Please note that this payment portal is not directly linked to the school system and if you get a billing email while the system is being updated you can disregard it. We appreciate your patience as we adjust our systems for this transition.

Fulfillment lies beyond your comfort zone. Try a free week of classes to begin your journey.