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Pa Kua Master

Julio C. Hugentobler

Archery, Martial Art, Edged Weapons, Acrobatics, Sintony, Tai Chi, Pa Kua Rhythm and Pa Kua Chi

Master Julio has been involved with Pa Kua since 2006 and has over 13 years of experience teaching in Canada and Brazil. After moving to Canada in 2017, he opened the first Canadian Pa Kua studio, where he’s been able to share his passion with students of all ages and skill levels. Julio is always seeking to improve his craft and find creative ways to address the unique needs of each student. Although he’s a master of many disciplines, his true talent is his ability to maintain perfect hair after a headstand.

Stacey Duffield

Edged Weapons and Archery

Stacey joined Pa Kua in 2018 and currently teaches Edged Weapons and Archery to kids. Stacey also practices Archery, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, and Yoga. Outside of Pa Kua, Stacey is a mother to a teenager, helps self-employed entrepreneurs with their taxes, and enjoys hobbies that allow her to use her hands to build miniatures or repair bows and arrows. Stacey’s advice to people just getting started: “Take it slow. Try all the classes and see what resonates. Sometimes people come in for one class and end up falling in love with a completely different discipline.”

Colin Peacock

Tai Chi and Archery

Colin is one of our Tai Chi and Archery instructors, and he has been with the school since 2018. He’s studied Tai Chi, Archery, Edged Weapons, Martial Arts, Yoga, and Acrobatics, but his favourite discipline to practice and teach is Tai Chi. Outside of Pa Kua, you can find Colin hosting a game night, organizing a movie night, or finding unique ways to work song lyrics into everyday conversations. Colin’s advice to people getting started: “Many students (myself included!) arrive at Pa Kua thinking they will do one discipline, but they end up falling in love with another. As Shakira taught us, try everything; you may find something you didn’t know you were seeking!”

Emmanuel Guerrero


Emmanuel is a master of Archery and has been practicing with the Pa Kua school for over 5 years. Outside of Pa Kua, Emmanuel is a producer and project manager in the video game development industry. He’s also a local event coordinator for geeky community events, and he travels as a professional TTRPG Storyteller for Dungeons & Dragons. Emmanuel’s advice for people getting started: “Sample as many disciplines as you can. You’ll be surprised by what you think you want to learn versus what actually catches your interest long-term. What our bodies and minds need is not always apparent in the beginning.”

Jessie Alexanderson

Edged Weapons

Jessie is one of Pa Kua’s Edged Weapons instructors and has been practicing for over 5 years. At the moment, Jessie is focusing her practice on Edged Weapons and Archery. Outside of the studio, Jessie can be found playing video games, reading, and writing her fantasy adventure novel. Jessie’s advice to people just getting started: “Choose that one discipline that connects with you and enjoy your practice just for the love of practicing. The rest will come in time.”

Rosalyn Fast

Tai Chi and Pa Kua Chi

Rosalyn is an instructor and she currently practices Tai Chi, Sintony, Pa Kua Chi, and Rhythm. Rosalyn likes each discipline for different reasons, but she started her journey four years ago with Tai Chi. Off the mat, Rosalyn likes journaling, walking, exploring communities outside London, and finding ways to connect with new people to hear their stories. Rosalyn also has a rare eye condition, but she doesn’t let it stop her from challenging herself. Her advice for people just getting started: “Embrace the journey”.
Administrative Assistant

Alla Verkhohliadova

Alla is our Administrative Assistant and she keeps things running smoothly from the time students enter the school until they leave. Alla hasn’t tried a Pa-Kua class yet, but we’re hoping to get her there soon. Outside of work, Alla is passionate about travel and naps. Alla’s advice to people just getting started: “You can be a better version of yourself every single day. Embrace the journey, laugh a lot, and never forget to take a power nap when needed!”

Morgane Lashkari

Yoga and Archery

Morgane is one of our Archery and Yoga instructors, and she has been practicing Pa Kua for over 5 years. In addition to teaching classes, Morgane is also a student of Martial Arts and Acrobatics. Off the mat, you can find Morgane researching digital experiences in her day job, traveling, or working on creative pursuits like painting and making music. Morgane’s advice for people getting started: “Don’t be afraid to be a beginner; you’ll have more room to grow your skills that way. And you’re never too old or too young to start learning!”.

Donald Fast

Edged Weapons, Tai Chi and Pa Kua Chi

Donald has been practicing Pa Kua since 2019 and prides himself on being both an instructor and a student. He takes as many classes as he can, regularly participating in Edged Weapons, Tai Chi, Pa Kua Chi, Yoga, and Archery (and he’s just getting started with Acrobatics and Martial Arts!). Off the mat, Donald is an energy engineer working to make buildings more energy efficient. He also enjoys board games, woodworking, and triathlons (fun fact: he’s completed over 100 triathlons to date). Donald’s advice for people just getting started: “Take multiple classes within the same discipline so you can practice more!”.

Allen Ward

Martial Art

Allen is a Martial Arts instructor and has been studying various forms of martial arts since he was a teen. Allen has been practicing at the Pa Kua studio since 2020 and prides himself on exploring multiple disciplines. To date, he’s taken Martial Arts, Archery, Tai Chi, and a little bit of Yoga and Acrobatics. Outside of Pa Kua, Allen considers himself to be a professional computer geek, with interests in gaming, and reading fantasy and sci-fi. Allen’s advice for people getting started: “Be patient and kind with yourself - especially if you have previous not-so-recent experience. Your body isn't going to be able to do what your mind thinks it should right away. But give it the time it needs and it will surprise you.”

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