Terms and Conditions

This page includes the General and Promotional Terms and Conditions on which Pa Kua School Inc. (“Pa Kua School,”, “School”, “we,” or “us”) provides its services. Except for what is outlined in specific Promotional Terms and Conditions, this General Terms and Conditions will apply.

The conditions set on this term ensure that the Pa Kua School is able to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all students, instructors and staff. It’s recommended the reading and understanding of this terms and the membership agreement, when applicable, before signing up. By signup up and enrolling in our School you understand and agree to abide with these conditions. The information outlined in these terms and conditions can and will be used in the event of a discrepancy.

THE SERVICES – By accepting this agreement, the Member is able to take classes offered by the Pa Kua School during the period set on the chosen membership plan, on the days and times agreed between the School and the Member.

PAYMENTS – The Member agrees to be fully responsible for all payments under this agreement, including but not limited to the initial payment amounts, the applicable membership fees, and all applicable taxes. The member agrees to pay the total initial payments on the start date of its Membership. If the member has agreed to prepay the membership fees for a specified number of months, all of the membership fees for such specified period and applicable taxes are due and payable on the start date of the Membership. In all other cases the membership fees and all applicable taxes are due and payable the day of each and every month during which the agreement will take effect. The member agrees that if, for any reason, any amount payable under the agreement is not paid when the same is due, the member will be required to immediately pay to the School the entire unpaid balance together and an administration fee of $10.00 for each occurrence of default in payment may be applied. The member also agree to pay to the School all costs incurred in relation to the collection of any amount owing by the member, including any bank charges, agency fees and/or legal fees of the School. As long as the Membership is valid, the member are obligated to pay the fees set in this Agreement, we will not reduce, discount or cancel your obligation because the member is not going to classes.

MEMBERSHIP TERMINATION AND REFUND – If the member would like to terminate the Membership without penalties it can do so by giving written notice 2 weeks before the expiration date of its membership. On the expiration date and without any notice the plan will auto-renew and a new expiration date will be set. If the member wishes to cancel at any moment before the expiration date of the Membership, it may do so by personally delivering to the School a written notice, such as by email, stating that you wish to terminate the Membership and this agreement (the “Termination Notice”) and a cancelation fee of $100 plus applicable taxes will apply. Upon receipt of the Termination Notice by the School, this agreement and the Membership will terminate at the end of the payment cycle on which the School received the Termination Notice. The member will remain liable for all obligations of the member(s) under this agreement until it is terminated. If the member has prepaid the membership fees for a specified number of months and this agreement is terminated before such specified period expires, then on the date of termination, the School will determine the amount of the prepaid membership fees that have not been applied as at the date of termination, and deduct therefrom all outstanding amounts owing by the member, and the value of all applicable incentive(s) provided or promised to the member(s) for prepaying for such specified number of months, as well as the cancelation fee set above, and the School will refund any balance remaining to the Member within 15 days after the date of termination. Upon return to the school a new registration fee will incur.

MEMBERSHIP FREEZE/HOLD – The Annual Membership gives you the right to freeze or hold the Membership for up to one month for non-medical reasons and for up to 3 months due to medical reasons (doctor’s note required), that must be used during a same period and cannot be split, during which time the member will not be charged the usual membership fees and will not have access to the School classes. An administration fee may apply, not to exceed $10 (plus applicable taxes) per month. If you have agreed to prepay the membership fees for a specified number of months, the membership will be extended accordingly. To exercise this right, the member must inform in written (by email) at least 30 days before the freeze is to take effect (except in cases of medical emergencies), stating that the member wishes to freeze the Membership and the duration in which the freeze is to apply. Members with Monthly membership can inactivate the membership for $10 (plus applicable taxes) per month, during which time the member will not be charged the usual membership fees and will not have access to the School classes, when returning to classes the member can request reactivation of the membership and the regular membership payments will resume.

MEMBERSHIP CHANGES – Subject to applicable restrictions, the member may make changes to the membership after joined, such as changing the Monthly Payment Method or upgrading or downgrading membership. The member must give written notice of membership changes (ie. by email). We may charge a membership change fee to make changes to your membership. We may collect service fees on or about the date you make the membership change, or on the next scheduled draft from the designated bank account or credit or debit card on file for the membership. Fees are subject to change by Pa Kua School at any time. To downgrade or upgrade your membership it is required 2 weeks notice. Members wishing to upgrade the membership, must pay the additional pro-rata for the current billing cycle. Members downgrading will forfeit the right to last month’s membership at the higher membership. No refund will be provided.

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL – After the membership has expired, this Agreement shall automatically renew at the prevailing membership rate, which is subject to change, ensuring there is no interruption in service. If the member received a renewal notice and do not respond to it, the School reserves the right to renew and bill the member under the renewed contract. If after receiving notice of any change to the renewal of your Membership the member does not accept the new terms or do not wish to renew the Membership, the member may terminate the Membership, by contacting the School in writing, according to the “MEMBERSHIP TERMINATION AND REFUND” determinations.

MEMBERSHIP TRANSFER – The member may not assign or transfer this Agreement and the Membership to anyone else without the written approval of the School, for which we may charge an administration fee, in the value of the Subscription Fee. The person assigned or transferred this Agreement, may also be subject to increased fees. Any attempt to sell, assign, or transfer this Agreement without our approval is null and void and will result in cancellation of the Membership immediately, without any refund.

RULES AND REGULATIONS – Our Rules may be posted in the School facility, they may change from time to time. The Rules are for your benefit and protection and must be complied by all Members. We reserve the right to cancel or suspend the Membership, without refund, if the member a) fails to follow our Rules or breach the terms of this Agreement, b) cause a nuisance or disturbance, c) commit any illegal or immoral acts, or d) if we feel that the member actions may endanger themselves or others. If the Membership is suspended, the obligation to make payments under this Agreement will be suspended for the duration of the Membership suspension. We do not allow any business activity or solicitation at the School Location. In particular, solicitation of any business competitive with our business is strictly prohibited.

Pre-Authorization Debit (PAD) and Recurring Credit Card Authorization Agreement

The Member authorizes the Pa Kua School to regularly charge the credit card or debit the bank account, according to the information provided at the moment of this membership agreement. The Member understands that the information will be saved to file for future transactions on their account.

The Member agrees to waive any legislative or regulatory requirement for pre-notification, and it’s aware that it certain recourse rights if any debit does not comply with this agreement, the Member has the right to receive reimbursement for any charge that is not authorized or is not consistent with this Agreement or any Membership Agreement made between them and the Pa Kua School.

The Member understands that this authorization will remain in effect until they cancel it in writing, and they agree to notify Pa Kua School in writing of any changes in their account information or termination of this authorization at least 2 weeks prior to the next billing date. If the above noted payment dates fall on a weekend or holiday, the Member understands that the payments may be executed on the next business day. The Member certifies that it’s the authorized user of the Credit Card or Bank Account provided and will not dispute the scheduled transactions. The Member understands that they may change the membership subscription at any time and agrees that this agreement will remain valid for any future payment plans they might have with Pa Kua School Inc.