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Our Story

After practicing and teaching Pa Kua for over a decade in Brazil, Master Júlio Hugentobler, a certified Master by the International League of Pa Kua, decided to open the first Pa Kua studio in Canada.

In 2017, we opened our Downtown London studio, offering several unique classes, so every student can find what they are looking for. Our studio continues to grow and accept new students, and we’re continually adding new classes to enhance your development.

The Origin of Pa Kua

The Pa Kua International League is an educational institution founded by the late Master Rogelio Magliacano in 1976. It started in Argentina and expanded to Brazil, United States, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, England, Bolivia, Israel, and now Canada.

Today, thousands of students enjoy the studies offered by the League and improve their quality of life through the practice of Pa Kua. Since 2006, Master Nicolas Dario Moyano has been directing the Pa Kua International League with the assistance of Master Fernando Martin Sandri.

The International League of Pa Kua has extensive experience in training instructors in all its eight disciplines.

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